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Miami Masks - The Beginning of Charcoal Deep Cleaning Masks

July 11, 2018

Life is a series of moments. From your first kiss to your first kiss with your life partner. Nowadays most of these moments are captured on camera, in which appearance plays an even bigger factor than ever before. The easiest way to make sure you look good in every photo is by taking care of your skin.

Studies have found that blackheads and acne breakouts are linked to genetics. 85% of people have been plagued by acne at one point or another in their lives. Blackheads, being the most common, are the result of bacteria in the pores becoming exposed to oxygen. As time goes on, these pores can become clogged and spread oil across your skin causing breakouts.

Aside from genetics, there are multiple external influences that cause acne. Poor hygiene, nutrition, climate (especially when it is hot and humid) and even stress, also play a role in the formation of acne breakouts. In today’s busy world it is hard to avoid many of these external influences. As science continues to evolve, there is more evidence that supports remedies that help treat blackheads and acne breakouts.

One such skin care remedy utilizes activated charcoal as an active ingredient. Because of activated charcoals sponge-like quality, it acts as a soaking agent that can be used on many substances. Because of this, activated charcoal is used medically, particularly when patients undergo treatment for poison. The sponge-like charcoal is capable of soaking up toxins that become present when consuming contaminated food or drink.

With this in mind, a blackhead remedy was born in the form of the Miami Masks Deep Cleaning Charcoal Mask. Incorporating the science behind activated charcoal into skin care, Miami Charcoal Masks are capable of removing blackheads similar to the soaking up of toxins ingested in contaminated food or drink consumption.

Based on this scientific breakthrough, Miami Masks has become the world’s number one selling Deep Cleaning Charcoal Mask. The Miami Masks formula eliminates excessive face oils and smooths the skin as a result. (Please note that masks should not be used daily as it will begin to eliminate healthy oils that are essential to your skins health).


85% of people get acne in their life

Acne is formed when oils, dead skin, and bacteria clog skin pores.

A blackhead is when bacteria in a pore darkens when comes into contact with oxygen

These clogged pores can cause the spread of oil causing breakouts

Acne is caused by genes by can also be enhanced by external impacts from poor hygiene, non-nutritious diet, climate, and stress.